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Our tours

    09.02.2011 08:05:52
    Across Baikal sea (6 days, 5 nights)

    Ulan-Ude - Ivolginsky Buddhist monastery- Old Believers village - Kluevka town- Listvyanka - Irkutsk

    Known as the «Pearl of Siberia», the lake is fed by 336 rivers while only one, the Angara river, flows out. The ancient lake holds nearly one-fifth at the world's fresh water and is a living museum of flora and fauna. This tour will give you a chance to cross the famous «Siberian Sea» and visit the most of interesting places on both shores.

    07.07.2010 07:40:32
    Extension for Eznis passengers

    You may have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coast and beaches of Lake Baikal. In this short period of time you will get acquainted with the culture of local people, appreciate the severe beauty of a splendid lake and visit a lot of wild spots of the deepest lake in the world…

    19.01.2010 10:44:10
    One day tours of Ulan-Ude

    13.01.2010 07:29:50
    Sacred Lake Baikal cruise (8 days, 8 nights)

    Irkutsk — Listvyanka — Chivirkuyski bay — Ushkanie islands -Olhkon Island— Irkutsk

    Sacred Lake Baikal Cruise embraces the most beautifulexceptional and hard-to-get wonders of the deepest lake in the world.Virgin nature, severe beauty of abyssal Baikal waters and unforgettable fishing will create an absolute feeling of pacification.

    16.03.2009 08:42:37
    Baikal Ring (10 days, 9 nights)

     Ulan-Ude-Ust-Barguzin-Chivirkujsky Bay-Olkhon Island-Irkutsk

    «Baikal Ring» is a classic circular route that covers eastern and western shores of the Sothern part of Lake Baikal. During the tour you will visit the biggest settlements on both shores: Ulan-Ude, Ust-Barguzin, Chivirkyjsky Bay, Olkhon Island and Irkutsk.

    27.05.2008 19:24:57
    Sacred waters of Lake Baikal (12 days, 11 night)

    Irkutsk-Circum Baikal railway-Olkhon island-Ust-Barguzin town-Ulan-Ude

    This tour gives a great chance to see the most rememberable man-made and natural sites of Lake Baikal. You will start the tour in Irkutsk city, take a trip along the old section of great Circum Baikal railway road,  proceed to the sacred Island of Olkhon, cross the lake on a boat and turn out to be in Zabaikalsky National park…

    27.05.2008 19:23:55
    Krasnoyarsk (2 days, 1 night)


    All who visited Krasnoyarsk were impressed with hospitality and great generousity of the citizens; their pride and a feeling of self-esteem, familiar attitude to the local officials. You will be enchanted by the strong Yenisey and borderless taiga, stepping close to the city.
    27.05.2008 19:22:55
    Irkutsk-Baikal (3 days)

    Irkutsk — Lake Baikal

    This short tour of Irkutsk and Lake Baikal is an obligatory stop for Trans Siberian Railway travelers. It includes a full day city tour of Irkutsk, which should help you visit the most interesting sites of the city, and a trip to Lake Baikal along the Angara River with an overnight in Listvyanka village at Baikal shore. You will also take a short boat cruise and visit the famous Circumbaikal Old railway with picnic lunch at one of the train stations
    27.05.2008 19:21:46
    Mongolia - Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (4 days, 3 nights)

    Ulaanbaatar — Terelj — Ulaanbaatar

    This tour delievers you to Mongolia, where you expirience traditional ger living in Gorkhi-Rereji National Park, and visit with local nomads in their gers. This short enjoylable trip concludes in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbatar where you toast at a traditional dinner listening to famous Mongolian throat singing
    27.05.2008 19:20:06
    Mongolia - South Gobi (5 days, 4 nights)

    Ulaanbaatar — South Gobi — Ulaanbaatar

    Our adventure unfolds as we explore the capital of Mongolia — the city of Ulaanbatar with a festive welcome dinner in a nuge Mongolian ger and a Mongolian entertainment. Then we traverse the gobi desert, natural habitak of gazellas, Bactrian camels and eagles. We expirience traditional ger living in a nomadic shepherd's home as we roam this formidable wasteland. In conclusion of our jorney, we return to Ulaanbatar, and celebrate our trip with a perfomance of Mongolian throat singing.
    27.05.2008 19:15:38
    Northen Baikal (9 days, 8 nights) Special tour!

    Ulan-Ude-Nizneangarsk-Severobaikalsk- Goudzhekit-Baikalskoye-Nathern Baikalbays-Irkutsk

    At the northern part of Baikal the Nature created a picturesque very narrow sandu island of Yarki 11 km long and 100-400 m. wide, which separates the lake fromthe upper Angara delta. Long sandy beaches, warm clean water and excellent fishing — all thise is about the Yarki. The island of millionary Pad is the ornitological nature reserve which aims to protect birds in the delta

    27.05.2008 19:14:30
    Mysterious world of Circumbaikal old railway (7 days, 6 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Ivolginsky Datsan — Sludyanka — Baikal Circut — Hvoinaya — Listvyanka — Irkutsk

    How many in Siberia mysterious ugolkov covered with a secret which you yet did not investigate! The Baikal ground has covered from us on the cosy coast of one more favourite — Krugobajkalskuju the railway
    27.05.2008 19:13:18
    Barguzin fairy-tale (9 days, 8 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Ivolginsky Datsan — Old believers village - Ust-Barguzin — Barguzin valley — Chivirkuisky bay — Ushkanie islands - Ulan-Ude

    The Barguzin valley is the most northern steppes of Asia. On the local legends says that Chingis-khan and many of his soldiers come from that valley. The Barguzin valley is situated in a very picturesque place - between two mountain ridges — Ikatskiy and Barguzinskiy. The valley is famed for its natural and historical monuments
    27.05.2008 19:12:18
    Baikal winter (3 days, 2 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Ivolginsky Datsan — Enkhaluk — Ulan-Ude

    It is not true that the winter in Buryatia is severe. True that the temperature is low but however, because of the practically regular absence of wind there the frost is dry and easily enduring, and days are clear and sunny. It is much warmer in winter at the Baikal coast line. High humidity makes winter very mild there
    27.05.2008 19:08:57
    Sagaalgan - White Month (7 days, 6 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Ivolginsky Datsan — Ust-Barguzin — Zabaikalsky national park — Chivirkuisky bay — Ulan-Ude

    In Europe people celebrate the New Year once a year. In Russia — twice a year. Only in Buryatia we celebrate the New year 3 times a year! To start a new life, to get rid from the bad — one more chance to begin over given by an old buryat tradition of celebrating the New Year
    27.05.2008 19:07:15
    Virgin nature of Baikal-2 (7 days, 6 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Barguzin — Barguzin valley — Barguzin - Alloy on the river Barguzin — Ust-Barguzin — Monakhovo — Khurbulik - Chivirkui bay — Ust-Barguzin — Ulan-Ude.

    This tour combines cultural explorations of the famous Barguzin valley, rafting along the Barguzin river and kayaking in the Chvirkuy bay.
    27.05.2008 19:05:26
    Virgin nature of Baikal (7 days, 6 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Barguzin — Barguzin valley — Barguzin - Transition through Barguzinsky the Ridge — mouth of the river Bolshoy Chivirkui — Chivirkui bay — Khurbulik — Monakhovo — Ust-Barguzin - Ulan-Ude

    This trekking tour across the Barguzinsky ridge will give you a great chance to touch the heart of Transbaikalian taiga.
    05.05.2008 19:11:00
    Baikal fresh-water seal (8 day, 7 nights)

    Ulan-Ude — Tarbagatay village-Ivolginsk village-Ust Barguzin-Chivirkujsky bay-Ushakany islands-Ulan-Ude

    Where else except of Baikal sacred land   you can enjoy in abundance the beauty of wildlife: marvelous scenery, vast green ocean of taiga, high mountains and the «gem of Siberia» - lake Baikal. Only here you can see Baikal nerpa, an endemic freshwater seal, and taste famous omul-sticks made on fire.

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