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Krasnoyarsk (2 days, 1 night)


All who visited Krasnoyarsk were impressed with hospitality and great generousity of the citizens; their pride and a feeling of self-esteem, familiar attitude to the local officials. You will be enchanted by the strong Yenisey and borderless taiga, stepping close to the city.




In pleasurable anticipation of the events

Day 1


Arrival. Meeting the local guide at airport / RW station

Transfer to the hotel, breafast, rest.

City tour*

Lunch in one of the city restaurants.

Touring in Krasnoyarsk museum of the local studies**.

Free time. Souvenir shops.

Return to the hotel. Rest.

Museum on “St Nickolas“ship. Touring, Siberian tea party and a folk show.

Dinner in one of the city restaurants.

Return to the hotel.

* Our journey begins from the historic center of the city, where the founders of the city – cossacks with their leader Andrey Dubensky — stepped on the solid earth. On this place the historic gates of the city were erected.

** Krasnoyarsk museum of the local studies – gem of Siberia, is acknowledged to be one of the best historical and etnographical museums of Russia.The museum opened in 2001 after the reconstruction and pleasantly surprises with its contemporary state and priceless historic collection of exhibits. You’ll see the richest collection of minerals from Siberian depths. Only here you can see unique exhibits, met only in Siberia. You can have a souvenir from semiprecious stones and take a “piece of Siberia“ with you.

Day 2


Tour Visiting embankment*.

“Rocket“ trip along the Yenisey to Divnogorsk city **.

Tour in Divnogorsk.

Visiting Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectrostation (outside).

Lunch in the city.
Visiting the old authentic Ovsyanka village. Siberian izba, museum, church and library. Visiting observation place “Tsar Fish“.

Touring in “Stolby“ reserve***. Visiting the central group of rocks, a hut of a hiker.
Dinner in the open air, in the reserve.

Return to the hotel, checking out.
transfer to the railway station.

* From the Embankment – the favourite place of the city dwellers – you can enjoy marvelous view of the Yenisey, right bank of the city and Kuisum moutains. The end of spring-beginning of sumer is marked here by the blossom of bright pink clouds of apple-trees “Dream“, giving special charm to the embankment.

** As the oldest dwellers of the Yenisey land say, the main Siberian river Yenisey is the reflection of the Mily way on Earth. One of the biggest rivers not only in Russia but in the whole world is 4092 km long. It is more than the distance from London to Moscow.

*** It was the Nature’s desire to create this phantastically beautiful plot of land 6 km from the city, adorned with dozens of granite sculptures, some of them having unique forms: “Feathers“, “Lion Gates» and others.




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