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Virgin nature of Baikal-2 (7 days, 6 nights)

Ulan-Ude — Barguzin — Barguzin valley — Barguzin - Alloy on the river Barguzin — Ust-Barguzin — Monakhovo — Khurbulik - Chivirkui bay — Ust-Barguzin — Ulan-Ude.

This tour combines cultural explorations of the famous Barguzin valley, rafting along the Barguzin river and kayaking in the Chvirkuy bay.

 Virgin nature of Baikal 2 



Day 1 

Arrival in Ulan-Ude. Meeting, transfer to the hotel / homestay. Breakfast. Excursion to the Buddhist Monastery Gandan Choinkhorlin (35 (khuvarak); visiting main temple, museum, library of Buddhist manuscripts, sitting at the rite. City tour: the central square, ancient streets, Odigitria cathedral, the biggest Lenin head in the world Lunch in the ger-cafe «Batarai Urgo» (Buryat (5-6 hours). Arriving in Barguzin — the first Orthodox settlement in Zabaikalie. Enjoy real Siberian hospitality: Siberian food, russian banya (bath-house). Night at the family. km from UU) with a student-monk national cuisine) Departure to Barguzin

Day 2 

Breakfast in homestays. Great tour (260 km) around Barguzinskaya valley — the northern steppes of Asia. The valley is situated at the picturesque place — between two mountain ranges: Ikatsky and Barguzinsky. It is famous for its natural and historical monuments. The tour begins with Petrogliffs (rocky paintings, age 3000). There is a hypothesis that the mother of Genghis Khan comes from this area. Further the way will bring us to the Suvinsky Castle (Suvinsky Ostantsi) — an architectural miracle created by nature itself forming a picturesque group, reminding castles ruins with huge stone towers and narrow rocky ravine between them with the length about 200m and height 50m. There are a lot of nests of doves and swallows in the rocks. Higher The Suva there is a place of admiration of Barguzin Buryats — The Stone Bull (a stone which looks like a bull where shaman rituals are taken place). Near the river Ina there is Stone Garden (10 «Khiraniva» — «Philosophic Garden». At the Alginskoe Lake you will observe birds of prey: kites and goshawks. The historical museum of the village Barguzin will tell us about the life of local people and fate of exiled Decembrists. Lunch in a Buryat family with concert of Buryat music. Further on the most interesting begins — rafting along the river Barguzin. In the evening at the camp dinner will be waiting for us. Overnight in tent camp. km large stones which are grown from the land) Scientists still don't know the origin of such a wonderful natural phenomenon. In the Japanese culture it is known as

Day 3 

Breakfast cooked on fire. Continue our rafting, stop at the most interesting and picturesque places, acquaintance with flora and fauna. Lunch on the coast. Arriving in Ust-Barguzin. Dinner at families. Have a rest. Overnight in homestay.

Day 4 

Breakfast in families. Transfer to Monakhovo by bus 4WD (2 hours). Foot crossing Monakhovo-Kurbulik (path along the lake's coast). Walking along the edge near the most picturesque gulf where nature keeps its virgin beauty. Explore the unique flora and fauna of Baikal. Lunch en route or in Kurbulik, accommodation in families. Have some instructions and try kayaks on the water. Dinner, relaxing in banya (bathhouse). Overnight in homestay.

Day 5 

Breakfast. Crossing by kayaks to Okunevaya bay. Lunch on the coast. Kayaking to Zmeinaya bay. Zmeinaya bay is famous for its hot springs. At the spring's exit a wooden cabin for bathing has been built. Near the main cabin there are 4 griffins among shingle. The spring's water is hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium with smell and taste of hydrogen sulfide (from 10 till 23 mg/l). Locals use the water of the springs for treatment backache and illness. Bathing in the springs. Make a camp, rest, dinner, overnight in tent camp.

Day 6 

Breakfast. Transfer by kayaks to Ongokonskaya bay. Lunch at the coast. Transfer to Bay Fertik or the island Goliy (if the weather will be fine). Make a camp at the coast. Dinner, overnight in tent camp.

Day 7 

Breakfast. Transfer to Monakhovo by ship. Observe the self-going route from the ship. Transfer to Ust-Barguzin by the bus 4wd. Lunch at Ust-Barguzin. Transfer to Ulan-Ude. Dinner at a family. Departure.



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