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Saint Petersburg daily excursions

Saint Petersburg is often described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its miles of canals laced together with graceful bridges set amidst 18th century buildings, have earned it name «Venice of the North». Conceived by Peter the Great and designed by his favorite European architects, St.Petersburg  was meant to be Peter's the Great link to the western world. Capital of Russia from its birth in 1703 until the revolution, the city celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2003.

 City Sightseeing (Includes a visit to Peter  and Paul Fortress)

Nevsky prospect, Kazan Cathedral, Stroganov Palace, Admiralty, Palace Square, Bazil Island Spit, Peter and Paul Fortress, Naval Museum, St.Petersburg University, Menshikov Palace, Academy of Fine Arts, Senate Square, monument of Peter the Great (the Bronze Horseman), St.ISaak's Square,Mariinsky palace, monument of Nikolas I, St.ISaak's cathedral, Palace Embankment, Marsovo fields, Summer Gardens, Anichkov palace, monument to Catherine the Great, Square of Arts, State Russian Museum, Our Savior-on-the- Spilled Blood.

The Peter and Paul fortress is the first structure of St.Petersburg. Peter the Great laid the cornerstone of the earthen fortress on Hare Island in May, 1703, intending it to be used to repel a Swedish invasion. After the Swedes capitulated, the fortress was transformed into a political prison in 1718. Among its prisoners were Peter the Great's son Alexei, who opposed his reforms, famous Russian writer Dostoevsky, the leaders of the December uprising, etc.  Besides that is the burial place of the Russian Royalty.

Duration: 3 hours

Tour inclusions:

 - Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

 - English speaking guide service

 - Entrance fee to Peter and Paul Fortress 




1-2 pax — 5400 RUR per tour

3-4 pax — 2100 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 1500 RUR per person

8-12 pax — 1050 RUR per person

13-19 pax — 900 RUR per person

20 or more — 750 RUR per person

 The Hermitage Museum


The Hermitage was built in 1754-62 as the principal home of the czars, and was lavishly rebuilt in 1839 after it was destroyed by a fire. Originally a small private palace gallery, the Hermitage today houses one of the largest museum collections in the world, including room after room of French Impressionists.


Duration: 3 hours

Tour inclusions:

 - Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

 - English speaking guide service

 - Entrance fee to Hermitage museum




1-2 pax — 5700 RUR per tour

3-4 pax — 2400 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 1800 RUR per person

8-12 pax — 1350 RUR per person

13-19 pax - 1200 RUR per person

20 or more — 1050 RUR per person 

 Catherine's palace in Pushkin (Tzarskoe Selo)


Catherine's palace was originally built in 1717 under the reign of Peter-the-Great for his beloved wife Catherine I. In 1752 famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli enlarged and embellished the place, extending the façade to its current granduer. The famous Amber room was brought to the place for decoration of one of the halls. The estate and palace buildings were almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, but they have been carefully and expertly restored into a brilliant architectural monument.

 Duration: 5 hours

Tour inclusions:

 - Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

 - English speaking guide service

 - Entrance fee to Catherine's palace and park




1-2 pax — 7800 RUR per tour

3-4 pax- 3450 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 2550 RUR per person

8-12 pax — 1950 RUR per person

13-19 pax — 1650 RUR per person

20 or more — 1500 RUR per person

 Catherine's Palace in Pushkin and Paul's Palace in Pavlovsk

Catherine's palace was originally built in 1717 under the reign of Peter-the-Great for his wife Catherine I. In 1752 famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli enlarged and embellished the place, extending the façade to its current granduer. The estate and palace buildings were almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, but they have been carefully and expertly restored into a brilliant architectural monument

Paul's Residence was built in 1782-86. Given to Czar Paul I and his wife by Catherine the Great, Pavlovsk was designed by Scottish architect Charles Cameron. Set in a lovely park, the palace holds a special place in the hearts of city residents. Although the Nazis destroyed the palace itself during the World War II, most of its treasures were hidden in advance of the attack. Reconstruction began immediately after the German withdrawal. The park was reopened in 1950 and the first renovated rooms in 1957.

Duration: 10 hours

Tour inclusions:

 - Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

 - English speaking guide service

 - Entrance fee to Catherine's palace and park in Pushkin and Paul's residence in Pavlovsk




1-2 pax — 10800 RUR per tour

3-4 pax-  5100 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 3900 RUR per person

8-12 pax — 3000 RUR per person

13-19 pax — 2700 RUR per person

20 or more — 2400 RUR per person

 The Grand Palace and Parks in Peterhof

Peterhof is located 19 miles outside the city on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The history of Petehof began in 1704 when Peter I built a wooden house on the Gulf while overseeing the construction of the nearby Kronstadt Fortress. In 1713 he made plans to transform the area into an imperial residence. The palace was inaugurated in 1723 and was later expanded by the Empress Elizabeth. The Grand Palace dominates the estate. It is filled with lavish rooms, intricately patterned parquet floors and grand galleries. Most of the emperors and empresses used the palace for functions and official purposes.

Peterhof is perhaps best known for its extensive park and gardens that include an array of gilded statues and approximately 150 fountains.


Duration: 5 hours

Tour inclusions:

 - Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

 - English speaking guide service

 - Entrance fees to park and Grand palace in Peterhoff



1-2 pax — 8100 RUR per tour

3-4 pax-  3900 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 3000 RUR per person

8-12 pax- 2400 RUR per person

13-19 pax -2100 RUR per person

20 or more- 1800 RUR per person

 Saint Petersburg of Dostoevsky


It begins in the city center by the Engineers Castle where Dostoevsky studied.  At that time it was The Military Engineer's school. The building located at the place of a former palace of Paul the First. Then you will see some houses in the center of the city where Dostoevsky lived after that. Next will be his last flat, where he died, where the atmosphere of old days is very well preserved. There are many personal things of Dostoevsky, paintings of him and his family. You countinue to Peter and Paul Fortress where Dostoevsky spent several months as a prisoner.

After that will be walking tour around the places where many of Dostoevsky heroes lived.The tour finishes by Dostoevsky grave in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.


Duration: 6 hours

Tour inclusions:

- Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

— English speaking guide service



1-2 pax — 7800 RUR per tour

3-4 pax-  2850 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 1950 RUR per person

8-12 pax- 1350 RUR per person

13-19 pax -1050 RUR per person

20 or more- 750 RUR per person

 Saint Petersburg of Pushkin

During the tour you will see some sights in St.Petersburg and in Pushkin town  connected with Pushkin's life, or described in his poems, such as the Bronze Horseman, the house of the Queen of Spades, the Summer Gardens, Lyceum etc. It will end on the Black river (15 km from the city center) where his fatal duel took place.


Duration: 10 hours

Tour inclusions:

— Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

— English speaking guide service

-Entrance fees and local guides service: Pushkin's flat, Lyceum, Dacha


1-2 pax — 13200 RUR per tour 

3-4 pax-  5400 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 3750 RUR per person

8-12 pax- 2700 RUR per person

13-19 pax -2250 RUR per person

20 or more- 1950 RUR per person

 Literary Saint Petersburg

First half of the day is dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, the only Russian poet who can claim the title of the National poet. You will visit  his memorial flat on Moika canal where he lived for last 7 years and died, the place of his fatal duel, see many sights of the city described in his poems, and places where the action of many operas based on Pushkin's subjects took place.

Afternoon will be dedicated to Dostoevsky. You will visit his memorial flat, make a short walking tour to see little 19c courtyard and narrow streets of 19 century St.Petersburg where the action of many of his novels took place. You will visit grave of Dostoevsky in the cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Monastery.


Duration: 8 hours

Tour inclusions:

  — Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

  -English speaking guide service

  -Entrance fees and local guides service: -Pushkin's memorial flat

  -Dostoevsky's memorial flat



1-2 pax — 13500 RUR per tour

3-4 pax-  4950 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 3600 RUR per person

8-12 pax- 2400 RUR per person

13-19 pax -1950 RUR per person

20 or more- 1500 RUR per person

 Musical Saint Petersburg


The tour starts with the unique museum of Musical instruments where hundreds of rare old musical instruments are on display. Some of them belonged to famous musicians.This tour will give information of the musical and theatrical life of St.Petersburg from it's foundation in 1703 till nowadays. You will learn a lot about Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shalyapin, Shostakovitch and other musicians whose life was connected with St.Petersburg. Then you will go to the museum of Rimsky-Korsakov (the flat where he lived). Then the tour continues in cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Monastery where most of the famous musicians are burried (Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov and etc). On the way you will see the house where Tchaikovsky lived and died as well as plenty of theatres and concert halls.

Duration: 8 hours

Tour inclusions:

— Private car/mini-bus/bus service for all driving tours

— English speaking guide service

— Entrance fee 


 Nevsky prospect walking tour

The tour gives the history and describes the present day life of one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The street is 3 miles long, but you will see the most beautiful part of it- from Palace Square to Nevsky Palace hotel, which is one kilometer approx. On the way you'll see (from outside) 5 churches: Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan,Russian Orthodox Church of Resurrection (on Spillt Blood), Lutheran church,Catholic church, Armenian church. Also palaces: Stroganov palace, Engelgard manshion, Shuvalov palace, Sheremetiev palace, Beloselski-Belosersky palace, Anichkov palace. During the tour your guide will tell you about the history and architecture of many other interesting buildings. You will also see some interesting courtyards, everyone with its small «secret»

Duration: 3-4 hours



1-2 pax — 2550 RUR per tour

3-4 pax-  900 RUR per person

5-7 pax — 600 RUR per person

8-12 pax- 450 RUR per person

13-19 pax -300 RUR per person

20 or more- 150 RUR per person

 Royal St.Petersburg

The tour begins with the famous Summer Gardens where you can walk among 17th century marble statues, following that you will enjoy the tour of Peter's Summer Palace, where you can see his personal belongings and portrais of his family.

Then you will visit Wooden Log Cabin of Peter the Great- kind of simple house where this unpretensious emperor lived for a  while in 1703, on the year of foundation of St.Petersburg. Next is Peter and Paul Cathedral in the Fortress of the same name. This cathedral is the burial place of Russian Royalty.

Next place you will visit is Winter Palace of Peter the Great, which was recently discovered within the building of the Hermitage Theatre.

Then you'll see the Engineers castle — the most mysterious castle of St-Petersburg, place where Paul I was assasinated.

Our next place of destination is Anichkov palace built by  Elizabeth, Peter's daugther,  for her favorite, and then used by favorites of Catherine II.

 Around holy places or Russia Reviving

This tour includes up to 10 visits to churches and cathedrals with tours inside some.

The Synagogue- one of the biggest in Europe. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan on Nevsky Prospect. St.Isaak's cathedral, former russian Orthodox, now a museum. Catholic church of St.Catherine. Lutheran Church of St.Peter and Paul, Armenian church,The Moslem  Mosque. Russian Orthodox Church «On Spilled Blood». Alexander Nevsky Monastery and the main cathedral there- the Trinity Cathedral. Smolny Cathedral.


 St. Isaac`s Cathedral


Built in 1858 by the French architect Montferrand, it is the fourth highest one cupola cathedral in the world after St.Peter in Rome, St.Paul in London and Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Richly decorated with marble, malachite and lapis lazurite it was the main Russian Orthodox Cathedral.  Turned into a museum in the Soviet times.

 Church of the Resurrection of Christ (on Spilt Blood)


Built in 1907 on the place where Russian Emperor Alexander II was deadly wounded by a terrorist's bomb in 1881.  Constructed in old Russian style with onion shaped domes, the church is richly decorated with beautiful mosaics.


 The Yusupov Palace


The private mansion of St. Petersburg noble family of Yusupovs is one of the most beautiful classicism masterpieces of the 18-20-th centuries. It is included in the book of «The Best Private Palaces in Europe» by UNESCO. The splendor of the decorative design of the palace impresses the viewer:  marble, mirrors, chandeliers, expensive silks and exquisite furniture.  The Palace is interesting also from the historical point of view due to the events, which took place in December of the year 1916. In the cellar of the palace, the favorite of the emperor family Grigory Rasputin was killed by the conspiracy headed by Felix Usupov. At present the exhibition «Grigoriy Rasputin: story of life and death» has been organized there.


 The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra


It is one of the oldest Saint Petersburg ensembles. This monastery for men was established in 1710 and named in honor of the great Russian military leader of the 12c Prince Alexander Nevsky, who won a historic victory over the Swedes. The compositional centre of the architectural ensemble is the Holy Trinity Cathedral where the remains of Alexander Nevsky are buried. From the very beginning the Alexander Nevsky Lavra got the status of the most prestigious burial place in Imperial Russia. The members of royal family, the most famous composers, musicians, writers (Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Dostoevsky and etc) were buried there.

 Boat trip along rivers and canals


 Saint Petersburg with its 65 rivers and canals, islands, old embankments and marvelous palaces is known as «The Venice of the North». It was planned by Peter the Great to become the sea and river capital of Russia, therefore the buildings have the main facades overlooking the water.   The trip route goes under numerous bridges: huge drawbridges, as well as elegant stone and suspension bridges over little rivers and canals, each of these having its unique name and history. We use comfortable riverboats with open deck and vast panoramic windows of the salon.



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